December traditions continue as
the Queen gave her annual Christmas broadcast yesterday
( for the first time, in 3D)

Today is Boxing Day,
much like Black Friday in the US

Fragrant and winter flowering
Viburnum x bodnantense

Winter has its trademark stamp of
soft grey, mauve, peach skies
bare trees revealing their true structure

And yet
green, green grass
velvety moss
and winter blooming viburnums
prove this island is very much alive

Weekday family time is mostly cloaked in darkness,
as the sun sets as early as 3:55p

Evening train commuters look like fireflies
with their torches/flashlights leading the way home
as our village has few streetlights

The rain does have a cozy comfort to it
The surrender
to a cozy blanket, warm fire, hot tea, and a good read

I love that I'm not cold to the bone as I found myself in the snowy US

Absent for months,
this week I just start to hear
the welcome sounds of a squeaky bicycle pump -
the classic bird call of the tit/chickadee
announcing that Spring is coming :)

The English sights, sounds, and traditions
are starting to settle into my soul
- feeling familiar and less of a curiosity -

Thank you for joining my journey
this year

I look forward to seeing you
in 2013

- all photos by me -