Moving Day Moving Day

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK As I pack up to move with misty eyes, I want to share a little about what we are saying goodbye to Love the Vic...

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10:44 PM

Blue bouquet Blue bouquet

Just popping in with a little bouquet to brighten your day.....

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12:01 AM

A Visit To Bath A Visit To Bath

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK Many Americans will be surprised to read the Romans  controlled Great Britain from  43 AD until 410 AD The Roma...

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11:55 PM

More On The NHS More On The NHS

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK While 16% of Americans are medically uninsured, should America abandon their awesome medical care to look more ...

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10:57 PM

Frazzled Frazzled

I'm feeling a little like this at the moment..... I'm frazzled. Too much to do and too little time. Which means no-one gets the best...

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6:16 PM

Dirty, Beautiful Windows Dirty, Beautiful Windows

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK A few months ago this was drawn in the condensation on a kitchen window With the sun out today, it is really no...

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3:58 AM

Gold fever Gold fever

My taste in interiors usually tends towards the natural, but lately I'm in the middle of a full-blown affair with gold. Not too much, mi...

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8:17 PM

Island style in Greenwich Village Island style in Greenwich Village

What do you get when you mix David Flint Wood's island style with Brooke Shields' refined tastes? A richly-layered blend of island l...

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3:22 PM

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥ ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

With ❤ from me to you. Hope you all have a great day!

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6:00 PM

A Wintry Week A Wintry Week

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK And here I was bragging about how winter missed our island this year Ha! Here are a few images from the week An...

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4:16 AM

Plumes, paintings.. and Interlopers Plumes, paintings.. and Interlopers

I'm always on the lookout for a pretty feather. Living in a rural area, there are often lots to be found. My chicky babes are starting t...

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6:12 PM

Queen Elizabeth II & Windsor Castle Tour Queen Elizabeth II & Windsor Castle Tour

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK Wow 'Flat White' at Costa This coffee with smooth, velvety milk lingered in my thoughts for the day, th...

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12:26 PM