Growing in ancient forests,
the bluebells are at their peak right now

A breathtaking blue mist
carpeting the forest floor...

The English bluebell is a protected species
found happily growing in ancient woodlands
and particularly fond of blooming under beech trees

And it is well known fact they attract little fairies :)

English bluebells have a graceful curve to their stalks 
due to the weight of their flowers lying on the same side of the stalk

Spanish bluebells are more upright, mainly in gardens, and tend to be more invasive

This year was the first time I'd seen these girls under a cloudless sky,
and, my, how they emitted the most heavenly sweet scent 
released by the warmth of sunlight

With half the bluebell population residing in Britain,
you may not need to travel far to drink in all this deliciousness

Glug, glug :)

- all photos by me -