Interview By Expats Blog Interview By Expats Blog

Recently I was approached by Expats Blog for an interview I figured, why not? I try to find the right balance of what to share personally on...

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9:55 PM

Weekend In Photos Weekend In Photos

Another weekend has passed, captured within a few images I love the view from Holmbury Hill of the Weald of Surrey and Sussex The Weald cros...

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1:19 AM

Snow Days Snow Days

The weekend was filled with snow play and a wintry walk Monday brought loud cheers  when school cancelled due to road conditions By Tuesday,...

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10:32 PM

Snow, England Style Snow, England Style

Wondering what to post this weekend, my answer came from the sky... SNOW It doesn't snow 'big' or often in this part of England ...

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1:12 AM

Tips To Defrost A Windscreen Tips To Defrost A Windscreen

I am a bit intrigued as to why English drivers have frost-free cars on a chilly morning Having lived in snow country, I am a bit embarrassed...

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2:15 AM

Fun Photo Apps Fun Photo Apps

Photo of phone booth using Percolator App Twenty years ago,  a smartphone would have seemed to be technology from a James Bond movie with it...

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11:18 PM

Reading Tea Leaves Reading Tea Leaves

“ Y ou can never get a cup of tea large enough  or a book long enough to suit me”  ~ C.S. Lewis credit: Le P é trin Having heard here the co...

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10:28 PM

Forest Dens Forest Dens

Take a walk through any Surrey forest, you are likely to stumble upon one of these Play dens are made by children with their families, gathe...

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9:36 PM

Scrambled States Of America Game Scrambled States Of America Game

We've heard from other expat American families that while their children may receive a more global education, a strong US geography base...

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4:47 AM