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Living in England, 
I can't help but rekindle my love for the country cottage look

Smitten :)

Thanks to Englishwoman Rachel Ashwell,
shabby chic design has taken the world by storm for the last 20 years

Other English icons going strong include Cath Kidston and Liberty of London since 1875

Cath Kidston

by Liberty

Freaky cute, eh?

Check out Liberty's one-minute video on how to tie a cute head scarf
She makes it look so easy

{ if it were me, I'd likely get it fumbled around my limbs,
crashing to the floor in a muffled 'help help!' }

Here are a few more goodies I've come across lately

Have you checked out any online magazines before?
Here's a great one to whet your appetite: Leaf

Rochelle Greayer is one of the masterminds behind Leaf
- designer, turned blogger, turned magazine creator -

With a focus on the garden and outdoors,
this quarterly read is sure to bask in success for years to come

The first edition was released just this week :)

1. Leaf Magazine    2. Candle via Baileys    3. Tree Swing from Dirt Couture

I know, 'Mowed Grass'? Can you stand it?

And how adorable is that tree swing?!
I think everyday ordinary should be wrapped in such great design :)
Don't you?

Thinking this personalized 'Likes' print {below} is a perfect way to capture a current snapshot
of the ever-changing kiddos

And you know I'm all about the retro laptop case :)

1. Personalized 'Likes' Print by Rosie Robins    2. Ted Baker's Laptop Case

There's an interesting Etsy-esque website in the UK called 'Folksy'
See a few fun finds I found on Friday
{ like the alliteration? }

And those outside the UK may not be familiar with AGA cookers
but my, how it screams cozy country!

How I hope beyond hope that our next house will have one of these
to warm the kitchen 24 hours a day
{ it maintains a constant temperature }

I'd have to take special AGA cooking classes to use one, but that is okay by me
{ according to their website, coming to the US soon }

1. Chair via Folksy     2. AGA Cooker     3. Garden Potting Table via Folksy   4. Bedding by Pip Studio

Pip Studio from the Netherlands is another 'must have'
Fresh, adorable, bright design every single time

Now to my exciting giveaway :)

RamSign of Denmark

RamSign approached me to give one of my readers one of their lovely signs

{Squeal!} So generous! If only I could win :)

I am thrilled to offer this as a 'thank you'
for supporting my photojournaling, my soulfood efforts

RamSign will provide free international shipping
for one thick porcelain enamel sign
in that swoon-worthy traditional European style
{ winner chooses sign style and up to 5 digits }

Not just a great house sign,
but possibly a Christmas ornament or addition to a little vignette?
I'm sure the uses are endless, and you can view their samples here
{ worth $49/ 29 euros and up }

Open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike

If you are interested in entering the giveaway,
throw me a comment or email this way

{ extra giveaway entry if you include a link in your blog/post }

One lucky winner will be chosen randomly on November 2nd

Thank you, RamSign, for your generosity!


I know I think this 
every time each month
but wow, another month has flown by


Mark your calender for
Monday, October 31st

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Now don't forget to enter for that awesome giveaway

Goodbye for now, chickadees :)