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Hello, my sweetest pumpkins!

It is October
and Autumn has officially arrived

{ aka 'Fall' in the US }

Wakehurst Place, Kent {post here}

As we went on our weekly 'family walk' 
through the woods on Sunday,

our daughter ran around
catching falling leaves 

like snowflakes of the upcoming winter

Love. That.

Autumn has such a cozy feel with its deep colors and softer light

Thoughts of warming by the fire with popcorn & hot chocolate come to mind
while hiding under thick yummy blankets

Hever Castle

When we lived in the US,
a typical sound of Fall for us included
 American Football on the tv in the background

Although still a sound for us, 
we have to wait until after dinner to watch
due to the difference in time zones

{ The NFL plays a game in London every October to a sold out crowd
This year, Chicago Bears v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers }

Like many expats, we rent our home
so spring bulb planting will be observed from afar this year

Knowing there will be countless gardens to visit in the spring, 
I can say hello to these lovelies later

The smell of autumn in England
is one of burning leaves

In the US we don't burn leaves
due to air quality issues and
the risk of fire getting out of control in drier climates

I admit to loving the smell :)

Baskets of apples and homemade jams
can be seen for sale (or free) outside homes,
letting nothing go to waste

the national 'Grow Your Own' campaign

Many villages have a community garden,
or 'allotments', for rent

The owner of this one grows dahlias, 
which have had an incredible show this year throughout southern England

More sounds of Autumn include

Mowing and trimming of grass & hedges 
one last time before winter


Grand oak trees heavy with acorns
noisily shedding each seed to the ground 
or over water


Equally prolific this year are the ethereal Fall Anemones

Chelsea Physic Garden, London

These are a few things that tickle my senses 
during my second autumn in England

I hope you are enjoying the current tapestry of nature
wherever you are :)

I only went out for a walk, 
and finally concluded to stay out until sundown,
for going out, 
was really going in.
-John Muir

- all photos by me -