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Today is Boxing Day in the UK, 
a secular holiday celebrated in many countries worldwide 
{not in the US}

Historically employers gave bonuses and 'boxed up' leftover food to employees on this day
It was a time to give an 'Alms Box' to the poor

It also has been the day for the Boxing Day Hunt
Fox hunting dates back to the 16th century in England
Controversially, fox hunting has been banned since 2004

[image: Daily Mail]

Today for many, it is the busiest retail day filled with shopping and sales
Think 'Black Friday' in the US after Thanksgiving

It is also another day of a Tube strike

As much as I love Christmas,
it is a bit too messy for me around the house
So I am trying to convince the kids 'Boxing Day'
means putting Christmas decorations away into boxes :)

Clever, no?
{ they aren't buying it }

It is also a family day of relaxing by the fire

Happy Boxing Day!

P.S. Next Post Of The Month Club will be January 31st :)

Content: Wikipedia
Photo by me