Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

As my daughter will remind you in her daily countdown,
Christmas is only 10 days away!

I believe today is '10 Lords A-Leaping' Day :)

Christmas in England is very similar to the US
with Christmas trees, stockings, carolers, and Christmas cards
{ generic ones only - a photocard of your family is considered self-absorbed }

Outdoor decorations are kept to a minimum with just a few 'fairy lights', if anything at all

Children leave mince pies and milk for Santa, instead of cookies

Mince pies filled with fruit, spices, and sugary syrup

Hot alcoholic drinks are in great variety
I just tried my first not-so-favorite Hot Toddy today
{ whiskey, honey, spices, hot water }

But thumbs up on the warm Mulled Wine :)

Absolutely no eggnog to be found - that's American { & Canadian }

Traditional Christmas dinners will include turkey, stuffing & Christmas pudding in England

Christmas Crackers are pulled open between two people
with little surprises falling out
- a paper crown, trinket, or something written on a piece of paper -

Christmas trees are placed in flagpole holders on the village high streets

There are some outdoor skating rinks in winter
Below, Henry VIII's Hampton Court serves as a beautiful background with an Ice Marshal (?!) on hand

Nature provides some of the quintessential Christmas decor,
such as holly

and parasitic mistletoe in the trees
{ original idea for Christmas ornaments? }

As they say in England,
Happy Christmas!
to you this holiday season

May it be cheery and bright :)

all photos by me