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What a wonderful week we have had
of celebrating the Queen's sixty year reign
with a flotilla pageant, BBC concert, beacons, a carriage procession, street parties,
and Union Jack bunting everywhere

From television to Twitter,
with square heels, fabulous hats, and a boxy purse,
the Queen has done a magnificent job
of bringing stability and continuity to the country,
changing with the times yet not,
and evolving the Empire to a Commonwealth

Not raised to be a queen until her uncle Edward VIII abdicated in 1936,
Elizabeth's life has had a few twists and turns

While visiting Kenya in 1952,
Princess Elizabeth received the news that not only had her father passed away
but that she was now Queen

She, a mother of two young children and age 25

Made of plants

As the third female monarch,
she is viewed as a calm queen
who doesn't give interviews but often seen waving to crowds
and gives a few public speeches annually

As every gathering has expressed this week,
for the Queen

How have you been celebrating this week?
We can't wait to see
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- all photos by me -
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