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I will never forget yesterday

celebrating the Queen's 60 year reign
with one million spectators in London
observing the grand 1000 boat flotilla

It was a chilly rainy day
as it had been on Queen Elizabeth's Coronation Day in 1953

I loved seeing the colorful flags of the 54 Commonwealth nations

There had not been this number of boats on the River Thames in hundreds of years
It was quite a sight

During the event, the downstream Thames Barrier maintained the water level due to tides 
 (the world's second largest movable flood barrier)

The Queen wore white and stood during the entire pageant

Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla,
Prince William and Kate were also aboard
The Spirit Of Chartwell with the Queen

The event finished with fireworks at Tower Bridge

Although the military flyover was cancelled due to weather,
I think everyone felt it was an unforgettable, historic event
within the 4-day Jubilee celebration

Memory-making continues with the lighting of the beacons worldwide tonight

May your inner-beacon be shiny & bright today :)

- all photos by me -

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