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I found my happy place a few weekends ago
Right in the NE corner of Dartmoor, Devon

Narrow, winding hedgerow lanes
Thatched houses
Fields of buttercups
Tea time with scones and Devonshire cream

- Bliss -

Yep, I could live right here

We literally made a U-Turn to get a shot of this sign
(I can't make this stuff up!)

We found the ancient 'clapper bridge' in Postbridge
made of granite slabs
This is one of the oldest surviving bridges in the UK
first recorded in 1380 AD

Next we headed to the coast to Burgh Island

This curious contraption shuttles people to mainland at high tide

Devon coast from Burgh Island

These colorful butterfly nets just screamed
'summer' to me

So here's my funny little story...
I made a total rookie move and didn't bring my camera battery charger

I found myself very sad (devastated, actually) to be without
my 'memory capturing device'

So I bought two disposable cameras at my first chance
I had forgotten what it was like to take only 1 or 2 shots per subject
with no zoom option
and wait a week to see the results

You can imagine my shock when I saw a piece of the cardboard coming off
to reveal that I had purchased a recycled disposable camera
that seemed to have been originally owned by Sophie (name written on camera) 
with instructions only in French

Furthermore, the electrical tape at the ends indicated that 
the film had not been factory loaded
- the photo developer said this was not uncommon -

Wow, was I nervous to see my printed photos!

Turns out all my photos here are from the disposable camera
except of the cutie pie cow

Thank goodness for online editing :)

- all photos by me -