Yesterday I went into London and
- wow! -
was I shocked by all the construction of new skyscrapers

View from Waterloo Bridge yesterday

Here's the most notable additions...

The City's Leadenhall Building, aka 'The Cheese Grater', 
has a distinct wedge shape
and is due for completion next year

artist drawing: Skyscraper News

20 Fenchurch Street (below) has been in the news recently
for a glare so powerful that a sunscreen was erected 
to prevent car paint from blistering 
and pedestrians from getting burned 

The 'Walkie Talkie' building has an unusual top heavy design
and should be completed in 2014

'Walkie Talkie' in foreground
'Cheese Grater' in background

Now standing as the tallest building in Western Europe,
The Shard successfully opened this year

If you haven't been in London for a while,
you'll be surprised by its evolving skyline

While I love old buildings with character, 
I appreciate the innovative design of this newest generation
which is replacing nondescript buildings of the past,
keeping London fresh and cutting edge :) 

What do you think?
Yea or nay
to a skyline change?

Hmm, I can't decide

- photos by me, unless otherwise noted -