Hampton Court is best known as the grand palace of 
King Henry VIII
(the king with six wives)
and is situated just outside London

It is also famous for its 411 chimneys,
many of which I saw up close on a recent rooftop tour

During Tudor times, brick indicated power and wealth
Glass windows did too

King Henry VIII was very OTT in everything he did

There were two distinct building periods of the palace

The fancy chimneys belong to the Tudor times (1500s)
and the rectangular Baroque chimneys were designed
by Christopher Wren during King William III's reign (1690s)

The majority of Tudor chimneys were replaced during the Victorian era due to disrepair
And although it is rumored no two Tudor chimneys are alike,
our guides could not confirm

Ahh, a wonderful view of the River Thames and the parterre garden,
intended to be seen from above and to rival Versailles at the time

It was great to see this famous landmark from an unusual angle
and to drink in the spectacular sweeping vistas from the rooftop

Wish you could have been there!

- photos by me -
For tour, contact www.thehistoryguides.co.uk
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