This month our book club is reading Ian Fleming's 'Dr No' featuring James Bond
In fact, Cheltenham Literature Festival selected it for The Big Read last year

What better way to start the book study 
than lunch with a friend
who happened to be a Bond Girl?

photo courtesy of Vanessa Perroncel

Meet lovely Vanessa - a French model, actress, and mom

She appeared in the James Bond film 'Die Another Day' (2002)
starring Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry

source: Wikipedia

Here's her response to my questions 
over a yummy goat cheese salad :)

What was the process of being selected for the film?

Vanessa went to an invitation-only 'request casting' in London based on photos submitted by her agent. When she arrived, she was measured intensely - maybe for clothing, maybe to check proportions. Shortly thereafter, Vanessa received the phone call that she was chosen to be one of nine 'Ice Palace Girls' in the film 'Die Another Day'.

What it was like on set?

The Ice Palace scene was filmed in Pinewood Studios, just outside London. A car was sent to pick up Vanessa on filming days (and nights). The leading actors had their own trailers, and the Ice Palace Girls had a tent to retreat to. Over her 7 -10 days on set, there was a real buzz in the air. It was a lot of fun, and everyone was very nice. 

The set was quite cold, really beautiful and a bit surreal. They dressed Vanessa exquisitely in beautiful dresses, furs and shoes. Make up artists and hair stylists were always nearby for quick touch ups for all the actors. 

With filming there is always a lot of waiting. And you never know how much of your scene will make the final cut.

Ice Palace Set
Source: Emma's Bucket List

What does it mean to you to be a Bond Girl? 

Well, it looks good on the CV/resume, of course. And people are still impressed that she was in a Bond film, although to Vanessa it's no big deal and was a long time ago. But it still carries a wow factor for many. Now she's really focused on her future and raising her son. 

Thank you, Vanessa, for giving us a peek into the 'real' world of Bond!

Next post I'll uncover local locations
where you can feel like a Bond Girl for a day

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