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Confession: I have loved flags since 1st Grade when I would hide the classroom flag book under my desk and read it instead of paying attention in class. Another confession: My 1st Grade birthday party was at McDonalds, and it rocked!

Back on point, I love flags for their design, color, and their story. Maybe I'll convert you into a flag nerd too :)

As you know, the flag for the United Kingdom is called the Union Jack ('Jack' is an olde term for 'flag'.) 

Here are the individual flags within the United Kingdom. See if you can figure this one out...

Flag of Scotland
Flag of England

Flag of Northern Ireland

Overlay all three flags and you get this

So clever!

In 1606 the Union Jack was adopted by the United Kingdom. Today it also can be seen on the flags of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tuvalu.

Regrettably, Wales is not represented on the Union Jack flag although it is a part of the United Kingdom. My son would agree it is a cool flag all to its own. 

Flag of Wales

'LOOK SUPER SMART FOR THE DAY' CONTEST: Okay, I have no free giveaway, but you will get an imaginary gold star if you can tell me 

-> Which flag was designed by a local art teacher, whose entry won among 1000 designs in a contest? Hints: The flag is yellow and blue; the country is an island

For fun, tell me your best guess here in the comments section :)

Flag images: