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Yesterday I enjoyed getting lost in the hidden nooks and alleys in Camden Markets, filled with international stalls.

Everything was interesting and good until I stumbled upon what looked like a fish tank of minnows. Hmm, random but whatever. 

And then I took a closer look

What???!!! Check this out!

'OMG, are you kidding me?!' 
Then I begged the stall owner to dip his hand in 
(I wasn't about to)

Craazzyy! I have no idea what entrepreneur pursued this one, but good for them. 

Turns out these little guys are garra rufa fish which originate from the hot springs and river basins in the Middle East - giving pedicures for centuries, exfoliating and treating psoriasis & eczema along the way.

I wasn't mentally prepared to give this a try at the time, but now I think I need to give this a go next time. Let's see, after I pee in my pants from laughing so hard, who knows?, it could be the best pedicure yet.
Certainly the most interesting.


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