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If we ever speak on the phone, chances are I am mindlessly doodling (or doing laundry). I think I am a second generation doodler. I am a bit shy to share this, for I have no formal training but have developed a strong kindergartner technique. 

This was my doodle today during a workshop - I later colored it with my daughter's Magic Markers to share with you :)

Hillside Landscape Doodle

I don't know why, but swirls have shown up in my doodles for only a year now (drawn in my sun). Since I was a kid, I mostly doodle flowers, mountains, and random shapes. I just noticed that for the first time my typical mountain peaks now look more like rounded English hills. Interesting...

And without giving it any thought, I doodled the red Fly Agaric mushroom that I had thought existed only in fairy tales - but they have them here! I am in a mad search for a glimpse of this magical mushroom and cutie-pie hedgehogs. Let me know if you have any tips on where I could spot them...

Inspired by Kate's expat list at Across the Pond with the Loeckens,  here is my own list I thought you might enjoy

'You Know You Are Living In England When...'

  1. You pay $150 to fill the gas tank (and you are okay with it)
  2. The 'meter reader' guy pops by unannounced to read the meter in your house
  3. The grocery cart performs 'doughnuts' in the aisle, whether or not you want it to
  4. You miss boxed Mac & Cheese, effective laundry stain-remover, and Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
  5. You have to try to speak with an English accent to be understood 
  6. What had been a mundane task in your home country is now a huge adventure
  7. You surrender to the impossibility of memorizing the multitude of phone numbers with their infinite digits 
  8. Pigeons & parakeets frequent the backyard
  9. Book club meetings are with the author, at a pub, and/or in the actual historical location
  10. Your daily commute is through the woods past swans, weeping willows, and a charming church built in the 1800s
Today is sunny, so I must go now and enjoy the 'sun shower' :)
Have a lovely day!

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