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Have you ever wanted to camp at a working dairy farm? Me neither :) Let's just put it out there that my idea of fun camping is a gentle cross-breeze through the house with a good snuggle by the (electric) fireplace.

Then one of my fav neighbors told me about Feather Down Farms, which looked like a 'glam-ping trip' (glamorous camping) I could actually enjoy. Plus we owed the kids a camping trip this year.

Always up for an adventure, we were off to The Cotswolds - 3.5 hours away in the middle of lovely English farming country. The Cotswolds are know for gentle hills ('wolds') and sleepy picturesque villages. We traveled through this adorable town, Ledbury.

From the Feather Down Farms website, we selected Hollings Hill Farm as our destination. Managed by the delightful Knowles family, this 300 acre farm is part of the Duchy of Cornwall ( = Prince Charles). (Yes, he has visited.)

It is a busy farm complete with crops, dairy cows, goats, chickens, horses, and geese. My friends, this was a dream-come-true vacation for my animal-loving kids.

We stayed in a custom-designed tent with everything a girl like me could want (beds, running water, potbellied stove). And the kids loved making their way around by lantern at night, for there was no electricity. Okay, so it was as close to perfect camping as it gets for me.

Cool, huh? Our happy kids were busy feeding goats, fetching firewood in the wheelbarrow, and caring for chickens in the coop. Squeals of delight pierced the tent camp when an egg was laid :)

Another highlight (and education) was helping to milk 
the cows at the end of the day

Ah, this is the life. Glam-ping.

Check out their website here

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