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Ooh, that was so fun! Thank you to everyone who participated in my 'Look Smart For The Day' contest last week :) The answer is...


The design for the flag was created by  local art teacher Grantley W. Prescod and was chosen from an open competition arranged by the Barbados government. Over a thousand entries were received for the flag design.

Interesting facts about Barbados:
  • Ruled as an English colony from 1627 - 1966 
  • Geologically made of coral and mostly surrounded by coral reefs
  • Lies just outside the principal hurricane strike zone 
  • Maintains the third largest stock market exchange in the Caribbean region
  • Hosted the 2007 Cricket World Cup
I'd like to send a gold star to Charmaine 
for answering the question correctly

And I'm sending you, my lovely readers, on a mental vacation to beautiful Barbados to get this new week started right. That's right, just park your car anywhere :)


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