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I thought you may enjoy some details of my English Thanksgiving yesterday

After dropping the kids off at school,
I skipped into London with some girlfriends to St Paul's Cathedral
for an American church service

Although there were quite a few tents with protester signs,
most appeared to be 'unoccupied'

Due to photography prohibited during the service,
you'll just have to picture the choir singing beautiful hymns
US servicemen bringing the American flag forward
the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom giving a speech
followed by an American pastor delivering a sermon in a typical humorous, casual American way 

As far as my eye could see, the cathedral was packed with Americans and other nationalities

We saw the secret service for the Ambassador
and maybe even some spies among us!

Being Thanksgiving, we had sushi for lunch of course :)

Yo! Sushi

I'd seen, but never tried, these conveyor belt sushi restaurants
where you pick up what you want as it passes by

The color of the container indicates price

It was fun and yummy :)

We headed home to collect our kiddos from school,
followed by cuddles for our newest family member

Bamboo, 8 weeks old

This is one cool kitty purr machine
We figured there is never a good time to get a kitten, so why not now?
He has brought squeals and giggles to our family,
ten fold

This little 'moggy' (non-pedigree) cat has a 75% chance of being hard of hearing due to its white genetics
which can create a chill'n cat who won't startle easily

Anyway, we headed over to the pub for an American Thanksgiving Dinner, 
which was loads of fun in a restaurant filled with our extended expat 'family'

I had to smile when the Yorkshire Pudding was passed around during our traditional meal
Maybe it's a little know fact the Pilgrims liked their Yorkshire Pudding?

I fell asleep on the couch, stuffed of course,
while my husband watched the Cowboy/Dolphin football game 
into the wee hours due to the time difference

It was a wonderful day to count our blessings
and certainly a memorable Thanksgiving abroad

Wishing you a weekend of thanksgiving, wherever you are!


Coming up Wednesday
with extended days


Hope to see you there :)

- all photos by me -