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I just got wind of a discussion on November 4th at the London School of Economics

 American Sarah Lyall (New York Times London correspondent) sat down with 
Englishman Justin Webb (author and former BBC correspondent in the US) to scratch the surface 
of cultural differences between America and Britain

A few topics covered were politics, the media, raising children,
drinking, stoicism, recent protests, and religion

Touched on in the video, happiness is listed in
the American Declaration of Independence as an 'unalienable right' in
the well-known phrase, Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

To rephrase, the US government declares this state of mind not only a right and a valid pursuit
but also as important as life and liberty
Isn't that fascinating?

As a result, are Americans obsessed with happiness?

The title of my blog includes the word 'Happy'
Other blogs with the title 'Happy' tend to be written by Americans too

Americans say 'Happy Halloween' and 'Happy Thanksgiving'
Merry Christmas is a British phrase which dates back to at least 1565 }

Common American phrases include
'Whatever makes you happy' and 'I just want my kids to grow up and be happy'

Americans often make big decisions based on a happiness litmus test

Perhaps a US slogan could be 'Be Happy - Be, Pretend, Or Search'

I lived in Costa Rica for a few years, where their motto is 'Pura Vida'
which translates to 'Pure Life' meaning 'it's all good'

I can't put my finger on what the mantra for the UK would be
I'm sure my readers can help :)

For the readers in America, notice how often you hear the word 'happy' as you go through your day

Anyhoo, lots of food for thought in the interview
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts

The video is quite long, so view what you want...
Whatever makes you happy :)

* What is the red flower Justin Webb is wearing? Read about it here

* I believe in the video they are referencing Justin Webb's newest book, Notes on Them and Us: From the Mayflower to Obama - the British, the Americans and the Essential Relationship 


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