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Close friends know we have been dragging our kids
on weekend adventures since forever

For years our children have referred to it as 'The Prison Bus',
as they felt forced to go

Now that we live in England, the Prison Bus still takes day trips
but with little struggle

One recent weekend the Prison Bus never left
and we found we each twirled in our own little worlds in the same house,
without really connecting the whole weekend

Ever since, our family does something together for a few hours
usually in the form of a walk to bask in fresh air & bucolic views
to rejuvenate for the upcoming week

And with so many public trails nearby,
we never need to walk the same one twice


Digital Camera
Each kiddo has one and enjoys snapping away to their little hearts content
It can significantly slow down the walk but that's okay

Hello, interesting mushroom
{ little hairs highlighted by camera's flash }

Metal Detector
I first got this idea when we went on a path that specifically said 'No Metal Detectors'
Of course that made me want to run out and buy one!
Were Roman coins or pirate treasures buried there?!

Obviously for older children,
my son enjoys finding sticks and turning them into spears as we walk

Walkie Talkies
The kids feel like little spies,
running ahead of us with a 'Roger That' and 'Over and Out'

Walk The Dog
The kids love racing our little Wilson through the woods and heath

The idea of a post-hike ice cream or lunch at a country pub gets them running out the door

Best with a smartphone,
follow the compass and clues for this outdoor treasure hunting game

A Geocache is a hidden container that is registered with the Geocaching website
Varied in size, there are over a million located worldwide
Random items may be inside; if you take something, leave something

I bet there is one near you, no matter where you live in the world
{ see or download app }

Remote Control 4x4
I definitely wouldn't recommend this if you are looking for a quiet walk,
but my son insisted I share this one :)

My daughter recently took to riding her bike
and enjoys doing it any chance she gets
In England, you can cycle on bridleways but not walking paths

What tips do you have to share?

- all photos by me -

Postscript: I also want to mention Geocaches are in rural AND urban environments. Really, there probably are a few near you wherever you live in the world.

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