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The last few days have been really warm (big smile), so I grabbed my furry photographer assistant, and he brought his very happy tail. We tromped through the woods together and got lost. But only a few times. A healthy lost.

I think the Autumn Show is at it's peak right now. Here are a few pics...

Local House: So I have a crazy big love for this house. I don't know who lives here or anything about it. I just know I love it every time we drive by it {sigh}. I may need to Christmas carol or trick-or-treat this house just for a closer look :)

Local Woods: I found this grove on Wednesday, and had a hard time finding it again yesterday. I really do believe that if there are fairies, they live in England. It feels so magical here.

Can't you just picture fairies hiding and giggling behind these trees?

Local Park: I don't know if you can see the elderly couple sitting in the chairs. I hope this is my husband and me when we've lost our teeth but not our spark.

Local Landscape: The English call this season Autumn, not Fall. 

Local Drive: Goofy me sticking a camera out the window while driving. I just couldn't help myself! (Out of view, you can't see the mothers with babes sprinting to safety when they saw me coming)

Somewhere I read about a book called 'A Field Guide To Getting Lost' by Rebecca Solnit. I love the irony of the title :) Perfect for my lostness in the woods and when driving around town. Hey, I even get lost in the grocery store just looking for mustard (above the frozen goods, of course)!

What would the title of your 'field guide' be?

XO Laura