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I was going to go to my first outdoor antique market today, but due to the snow (sniff sniff) I am home. Unexpected housebound days allow me to do a little catch-up with a cup of hot tea and my dog on my lap (he couldn't be happier).

You can see why the English talk about the weather a lot - there is a lot to talk about!

A 'London Fog' so famous a coat company made a name for itself. This is what the weather report means by 'white cloud'? I am not accustomed to fog, but it was like driving through a blizzard with dry roads :)

We were treated with 'sunny spells' after the fog. Leaves still continue to turn and cling to their branches. 

A wonderful surprise about autumn - I can better see the view through the trees! Where I thought a forest had a rise, it actually is atop a lovely valley. Lots of charming homes now peek through the forest to my delight. 

(I think I held my camera behind me to take this shot whilst driving, which would explain why it looks like I'm on the wrong side of the road. Or maybe I am) ('whilst', very English)

Look - it is wintry inside our home. See our foggy window panes? I thought this only occurred in fictional drawings.  Now I'm keeping my eye out for a partridge in a pear tree :) Seriously!

Next up, jack FROST brings crunchy white grass and icy car windshields.

And for the last day of November, SNOW! My kids could not be more excited to see the fluffy white reminder of our old home (or more hopeful for a school 'snow day' tomorrow). Light up the fire and crank the Christmas tunes!

Being an optimist (and lover of warm weather), I sold my snow shovel at our yard sale in the US before we moved. Now I know what to put on my Christmas list this year :) 

I keep telling my husband we got off the boat at the wrong port...

Can anyone tell me how to roast chestnuts not on an open fire? I'd really appreciate it ;)

Be warm,
XO Laura