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Today was the first day of miserable weather - windy, wet, and cold. Truly blustery! Then I thought of English-born Winnie The Pooh, which made me smile. Ah, I am in good company :)

The Kids and Me Walking After School

Pooh tells Piglet, ''I think I shall wish everyone a happy 'Winds Day' ''. Piglet later says, ''I don't mind the leaves that are leaving. It's the leaves that are coming.'' I imagine this uncomfortable weather inspired A.A. Milne to write Winnie The Pooh and The Blustery Day. And it inspires me to write today. It is quite something! 

As I walk through the terrible weather, I imagine a cute little bear and pig right behind me saying 'Oh, bother!', which makes it all better :)
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XO Laura