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I have been looking for bluebells for the last month

I visited a well-known site for bluebells, but my photos turned out quite unimpressive 
due to lighting and too early in the season

Then we went away for vacation, and I thought the unseasonably warm weather had brought 
an early end to my fairytale bells. I was empty handed

A protected species,
70% of the world's common bluebells are in the UK

Then this weekend we drove toward a nearby hike in mind
I barely brought my camera

When what should I see out of the corner of my eye on our drive?
Eureka! Blue 'gold' peeking from a forest

All parts of the bluebell are poisonous, yet a tasty treat for native red squirrels

With our little detour, we found the most amazing sea of bluebells!
We practically had the forest to ourselves :)

Under a Beech Tree
The flower's sap was used for sticking feathers to arrows. I think saw Robin Hood sneak by

I must admit that alone, these flowers are a bit unimpressive
But en masse, STUNNING

And not really blue
Purple, actually

Bluebells identify ancient woodlands, especially in the east of England

Here's the progress on my personal UK Scavenger Hunt

Toadstool (check)
Wild Bluebells (check!)
Partridge in a pear tree

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

- all photos by me -

Facts from The Woodland Trust