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Vintage beauty

For a quick recap, a few weeks ago
we spent a long weekend in Cornwall,
the most western county in England

I almost maxed out my camera's memory card
for it only holds 500 photos
and I took 450!

Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove was our first destination on our second day
complete with picnic tables
(or as Yogi Bear would say, 'Pic-a-nic')

Kynance Cove

The color of the water was stunning
and I love the peek of the Cornwall countryside
through the rock formations

The kids loved climbing about
and gathering little treasures from nature

As with everywhere we visited in Cornwall,
there were lots of winding footpaths to explore

Next stop was the Lizard Lighthouse
which marks mainland Britain's most southerly point

Famous for its numerous shipwrecks
off its often foggy, rocky point

Lizard Point

We walked over to this little cliffy area
to grab a Cornish Pasty

And then drove to
the dreamyland of 


I know, can you stand it?!


A charming little fishing village

Feeding leftovers to seagulls

A few boats still catch lobster, crab, and a few other local fish


There is absolutely nothing to do here
but take photos
and look around for you breath

for the views stole it...

We saw a few of these 
little 'over the gate' stands
selling honey & eggs

I can't make this stuff up!

If you can't find me one day,
I've probably locked myself in one of the cottages
And I am not coming out!

Currently I am reading a fiction book
'The Forgotten Garden' by Kate Morton

It takes place (so far) in Australia, London and Cornwall
Not a new book (published in 2008)
but if you are looking for a good read and a little piece of Cornwall
 you might want to pick this one up

So far it is a great book,
and I've been told it has a fantastic ending

- all photos by me -

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