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Hello, my lovely readers! 

I have a lot less time to write
and pop over to other blogs

for I am taking advantage of all that SPRING has to offer
and spending quality time with friends before we disperse for the summer

Garden paths are often mowed lawns

So I grabbed a friend and headed over to Ramster Gardens in Surrey,
known as the perfect setting for a country wedding
and voted one of the UK's Top 10 Spring Gardens 2011
by The Daily Telegraph

Just dreamy, no?

Like Alice In Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole
and seeing this...

Rhododendrons & Bluebells
Did you see the White Rabbit disappear down the path?

I had been sitting on my hands since last fall to visit this beauty,
known for its rhododendrons

WOW, did it surpassed my expectations!

I'm simply giddy about the flora in England
The variety
The size
And creative use of it

Never have I seen wild fuchsias, camellias, centranthus, and columbine growing happily together
In the US, they often grow in different zones

Monkey Puzzle Trees, palms, saucer magnolias 
fern trees, rhododendron trees, wild orchids 
and so. much. more.

The gardener in me
has a swirling head
with stimulation overload

I'm freaking out!

A big nod to the adventurous plant explorers who brought these beauties here
more than a hundred years ago from all over the world
to create this 'Garden Island'

Inside a Japanese Maple

And never have I lived somewhere that offers hundreds, if not thousands, of gardens to visit

Public Parks
Independent and Private Gardens
Local Nurseries

(and most offer tea - yea!)

Rhodys By A Pond

Every corner, every street, is a sight to behold
'Of sheer beauty and abundance'
(to quote a friend)

Oh, how I wish a could transport you through my screen to see what I see!!

Pinch me, but not too hard
I don't want to wake up :)

- all photos by me -

Signed 'Simply Giddy',