I'm still in the planning stages for our new house design, and one style I keep coming back to over and over is a series of pavilions. It makes perfect sense for our climate - hot, humid summers, and mild winters. We have the space, and I'd love to wrap the house around the pool, so when I saw this house in Noosa, it ticked all the boxes.

 Hmm, pity we've just given our pool an overhaul..I'm liking those steps - very clever

 Not exactly my style furnishing-wise, but the wide-plank timber floors are divine

 LOVE the pivot louvred doors...one for the files for sure

 ...and another must-have are those clerestory windows...perfect for Queenlsand summers

 ok, so ignore the artwork, but I love the way the house wraps around the pool...and I love the Pandanus tree in the middle of the deck too.

So, my plan is slowly but surely taking shape. I like quite a few different styles, and I'm aiming to blend some of them together into a cohesive design. It's like putting together a great big jigsaw puzzle, adding pieces as I go. My biggest dilemma - not being sidetracked by all the fantastic options out there.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new painting that's just about to be listed in my Etsy shop. There'll be a little preview on Facebook later today if you just can't wait until then..... :)

all images courtesy realestate.com.au