I had no idea what to expect from the ultimate flower show
aka The 98th RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London


Such a feast for the eyes!

Amazing vignettes 
where you would love to just bring a book and linger

Fever-Tree's 'Tree House Garden'
Silver Medal

The designers were very approachable 
& happy to discuss their area
with take-home plant lists

'A Postcard From Wales' by Kati Crome & Maggie Hughes
Gold Medal

There were many displays of 'living' walls and roofs

Here is just one example

I loved the creativity
and pushing of boundaries

The Irish Sky Garden
Gold Award

According to the BBC, designer Diarmuid Gavin
was inspired by the film Avatar
to create this aerial garden

It moved by crane and gave VIPs a ride

This annual flower show is known for being 'over-the-top'
{which it was}

and for being hoity-toity
{which it was not}

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden
Gold Award

Incredible craftsmanship & detail

This STUNNING display was covered in dried flowers
and the entire floor was draped in fresh orchids

Inside the Great Pavilion were exhibitors
specializing in
every flower imaginable



Himalayan Blue Poppy
My first time to see this rare and difficult-to-grow flower

Apparently one of the biggest challenges this year was the weather
for it has been unusually warm and dry here

Can you image the stress of having your blossoms peak on a particular day
(day of judging)?

Techniques included 
refrigerating plants
wrapping buds in cotton wool
& a gentle blast of warmth from hairdryers

And this was the place to spy the petaled contestants for 
'Plant Of The Year' Award

Like a 'Best In Show' for flowers

And the 2011 RHS Chelsea Flower 'Plant Of The Year' Award went to...

Anemone 'Wild Swan' shown by Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants
'Plant Of The Year'

...Anemone 'Wild Swan'

The typical problem with white flowers is that  
they rarely offer a pure white color

Yet this delicate-looking anemone was not only 
yummy-cake-frosting white white,
but some of the undersides of the petals were a lovely purple

Can you stand it?!

And I always know I am at the right place when I see the film crew
(like on the Royal Wedding route)

More than 150,000 will visit this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show over 5 days
Here are just a few of them ;)

And I was glad to see some of these guys in the
floral spirit

Outside RHS Chelsea Garden Flower Show

Flittering between so many beautiful flowers and gardens, 
I was one happy butterfly by the end of the day

- all photos by me -