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No matter where you live in this world, there is always laundry to be tackled. And I wouldn't be the Happy Homemaker if I didn't have some housework to report : )

We have a standard Barbie-sized European washer and dryer. It takes two loads to wash the linens from our king size bed. 

Just as the Norwegians have a lot of words for 'snow' (don't they?), the English have an equal number of creative contraptions for drying laundry, so you know it is a big deal here. Just a small sampling:

We bought an 'indoor airer' to hang smaller items to dry. 

'Indoor Airer'

I crocodile-wrestled this laundry contraption. I lost the battle but not the war, for I sneaked off to recruit my neighbor for 'backup support'.

'Rotary Clothes Line Airer' in our lovely backyard
Grove of bamboo too : )

She taught me clothespins are called 'pegs' here. (She is charmed by my refreshing cluelessness?)

In the crawl space, we have this little room with drying racks. I had to tell the kids not to use it for forts or covert LEGO operations.

Mystery Drying Room

This is how my husband's dry cleaning was packaged. 
Don't you love it? 

We also have a Barbie-sized refrigerator that always looks full : )  Love that!