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You will not see many public trash receptacles in England - my husband says it is due to bombs being placed inside them in the past.

I never know what to do with my disposable drink cup while walking around. How many people put their trash in post boxes? 

At home, we have 5 bins to dispose of our trash, each with its own pickup schedule and purpose.

1 - Recycle Bin
1 - Garden Waste Bin
2 - Compost Bins
1 - Trash Bin for rubbish that does not go in other bins

The city only picks up what is IN the bin, which means you cannot put anything on top or beside the bin. While compost is picked up each week, other bins are picked up every two weeks on a rotating schedule (a memory workout for me).

As you can imagine, this makes manufacturer over-packaging not only annoying but downright rude and inconvenient. The less packaging, the better. 

It is not uncommon to take a trip to the local dump with trash that won't fit in the bin. I had a lot of styrofoam and boxes from the move.

The recycling and waste center was FASCINATING. It was very busy with people with truckloads. Here is what I saw (always armed with a camera):

The term 'Skip' refers to a 'Roll-Off'

This is just a tiny portion of the very clean and well organized center. Absolutely everything has a proper designated place.

I brought this treasure home : )  An older gentleman was carrying this to the wood 'skip' as I ran after him yelling, 'Excuse me, can I have that ladder?'  He was happy to give it to me and said it was about 60 or 70 years old when asked.  I'm not very good at math, but that sounds old!  Love that! 

A future painted plant stand in my future?

I wonder what other old English treasures 
people are giving away at the dump : )

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