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I bought this wonderful book, 'Footpaths for Fitness Surrey' by David Weller. We have been making our way through many chapters, and enjoying each of them. The highlight, so far, has been our walk in Shere, Surrey.

This quaint village has picturesque buildings, amazing views, and a stream through town with ducks. A pub, tea house, and ice scream shop too : ) You may have seen it in the movie 'The Holiday' with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet (also filmed in nearby Godalming). See my post about it [here].

The walk we followed would be difficult to duplicate without the book, however, if you are in the area you can blaze your own trail by following one of the  footpaths behind the town church. It was a long walk for the kids, but they brought their little cameras along and enjoyed clicking away.

Grab your walking stick - here we go...

Footpath by the church

Mushroom fairy village

Every turn was so scenic

The kids loved seeing sheep, cows, and horses along the way

A 'ford' in the river

A community garden to die for

Can't go wrong with finishing a walk at the bakery and pub!

Crumbs and The White Horse Pub

I knew it was going to be a great day 
when I saw a VW bus in town

And we were fortunate to have lovely weather. 
Don't you just love Shere?!


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