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Now I am no bird expert, but on our first morning, I heard what sounded like 'tropical bird squawking'. Being 'sleuthy', I discovered there were parakeets in our backyard! LOVE that!

According to, ''the birds first came to Britain as pets but some escaped into the wild and are now a common site in suburban South East England''.

Ring-Neck Parakeet                                                         (image:

The article states, ''the population has now reached a record 20,000. Bedecked with emerald green feathers and a rose-red beak, the ring-neck parakeet was brought to the UK from India and was first reported in the wild in 1969''.

So we marched right out and bought ourselves a see-through bird feeder so we can hopefully see them up close.

So now I don't need to buy my son a pet bird, right?

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