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Grounds at Entrance

Isn't this lovely? We drove a few hours to Leeds Castle in Kent with the kids (in the big SUV, of course).

Leeds Castle

The castle was not attacked often, although it does have a really cool moat. We didn't see any fairy tale alligators or dragons, but we did see something that did look like big eels (eew!). 

It has belonged to a long list of royalty, including Henry VIII (the one with all the wives). During WWII, it was used as a hospital. Now it is open to the public and still hosts movie stars, world politicians, and more. 

We looked for secret tunnels and trap doors, but didn't find any.

English Garden

I loved this English garden; the kids loved running in it. The buildings are used for different purposes, such as the Dog Collar Museum, a craft store, and food vendor.

Next week is my hubby's birthday, so we'll see where our next adventure takes us...

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