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My first baby, and furriest, is Wilson. He is a sweet and gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came to us on Valentine's Day ten years ago.

We knew our family would not feel complete in England unless our dog joined us. To avoid quarantine, we had to start the process 6 months in advance.

What was involved? Blood tests, another rabies vaccination (although he wasn't due), an international microchip (he already had a US one), tick and tapeworm treatments, examinations, and lots of paperwork, patience, and knowledge by our stellar vet. 

Overwhelmed by all the moving details, I had left buying him a ticket to the last minute. I was in a panic that legally he had to leave on July 19th (exactly 6 months since his blood work test) and I couldn't find an airline that would take him (summer heat bans). Agh! Thankfully my mom came to the rescue and found that Continental Airlines would : )

Mr 'Woo Woo' Wilson In His New Home

We were very anxious about his flights and layover. He had never flown before, and he had to go in the cargo hold. He was not allowed to take a tranquilizer (but I needed one) since it could effect his body temperature. It took 4 hours for him to clear UK customs, and he and his kennel were as clean as a whistle. 

We had the most joyful reunion! His whole body wiggled side to side with the force of his 'happy tail'. We squealed with excitement, and I did my 'mommy sigh' of relief.

I had wondered if a dog that sleeps all the time could have jetlag. And the answer is yes - when he slept, he slept HARD.

He seems to love being a UK dog - back to his roots. He loves the walks, and the smells of the foxes and neighborhood cat. He is a happy boy. 

We made the right choice to bring him.

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