'Tis the perfect time to confess that one of the reasons I moved to England was that I was hoping to live in or next to this...

Iris's Cottage from 'The Holiday'
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Do you remember this cozy cottage from the film, 'The Holiday' (2006)? I have visited Shere in Surrey several times [here], where portions of the movie were filmed, but I've never seen this house. (Otherwise I'd be writing from there now)

It's not too late to rent this delightful romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet to put you in the holiday mood. In a nutshell, their characters swap homes for Christmas - Winslet flies to Diaz's modern Southern California home while Diaz tromps off to Winslet's English country cottage. A classic chick flick.

A few yummy scenes / eye candy from 'The Holiday' (via Cote de Texas):

This last photo makes me laugh because I really did sleep in my big parka and scarf just last week! These old homes are so cold and drafty. If I could knit myself a nose hat, I would. 

Now for some photos from the movie set in Shere. I believe a lot of these photos are from the DVD's Special Features. All photos below are from Hooked On Houses.

Blowing Fake Snow For Wintry Scenes

This is the High Street in Shere. If you go for a visit, you'll see the yellow door on the right for The Lucky Duck Tea Room. The pub in the movie, The White Horse, will be up ahead on your right, past the stream with ducks. No need to bring in the Hollywood snow right now - there's plenty of it!

Ready for a little twist? Here are more photos of my old, charming 17th Century cottage, in the making...

Unbelievable, I know - a bit of a heartbreak. Thrown up in just a few weeks in a field (and since torn down). Now I  know why I couldn't find that cottage! But here's the good news. 

There is a cottage in the Cotswolds for rent that may have been the inspiration for this movie.

Slatter's Cottage, Cotswolds

The Lounge and Bedroom 2 are similar to the movie
Slatters Cottage

And the other good news is I know I can hire a movie crew to build me a charming 17th Century English cottage one day :)

Iris's Cottage, 'The Holiday'


(P.S. For more television & movie homes, visit the interesting Hooked On Houses)

XO Laura

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