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So I have a little confession. Ever since I've had a degree in English, I haven't enjoyed writing. I was burned out. And while I enjoy taking photographs, I don't love the lengthy process of downloading photos and getting them 'ready'. (But still loyal to my Picnik!)

Then why blog? 

Well, a few things have come to me usually during my quiet time in the shower. These thoughts come completely out of the blue, grip me, throw me around, and drown me with ideas. Within 24 hours of the deluge starting, I have the new project in the works just so the ideas can find their outlet to allow me some peace and quiet. So far, it has happened 3 times.

The first time the process occurred, it turned into this:

Peasant Dress by Sweet Blossom Boutique
(Original photo by Angie Buckley)

Sweet Blossom Boutique became my third baby - a whirlwind of ribbons, pompoms, and fabrics in my house - swirling, evolving into kids clothing for four delightful, magical years. It was four years of unforgettable creativity and learning.

Some of the people I met along the way have remained good friends today. Had I thought about it, I never would have plunged into owning a business, designing and making clothing, and managing a website. None of this is in my background, but it worked :)

The second time an idea gripped me out of the blue, this blog appeared 24 hours later. Although I had been enjoying home decor blogs at the time to gather ideas for my new home, I knew nothing about the nuts and bolts of a blog. And as I said earlier, I don't even like to write :) And why put myself out there in the public among strangers?

Photo from my first blog post

Like Sweet Blossom Boutique, I have made connections with people that I otherwise wouldn't have. I've been approached by HGTV International House Hunters and a mobile phone application company. Like pen pals, I've had great conversations and made new bloggy friends all over the globe (hiya!). Not only am I journaling, but also staying connected with those at home (hi y'all).

I recently completed a blogging course through Decor8 to help me figure out what I am doing here :) The best advice I received is to blog what you are feeling at the moment to get the best posts. And sometimes I don't 'feel' anything, so I don't post. But hopefully blogging what I'm thinking at the moment will keep content fresh and real, and prevent me from burn out. I think I'd like to blog for a long time.

I've referred to my massage therapy days in previous posts - which is funny because it was so long ago and so brief I often don't list it as a past career. I did learn valuable life lessons though. How it applies to blogging for me: 'trust you are where you are supposed be when you are supposed to be there'. So here I am!

There have been a few occasions I have wondered, 'Why on earth am I writing this post?', but I will be 'moved' to write something, and so I go with it. And then sure enough, someone will email that they were having a down day and it was exactly what they needed to hear. Yea!

If I hadn't had a blog, I wouldn't have bothered to take these photos:

On the weekends, sometimes my husband will say, 'Let's go do something worth blogging about'. So it can be a huge motivator too :)

And the most recent 'gripping' event led to me to start up tours of trendy hot spots in London for a women's group. Some may lead to blog material one day :)

Do you have a decision process that rocks your world?

XO Laura