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Yesterday it made international news that Great Britain received a heavy snow that created travel chaos and  brought the country to a grinding halt.

[BBC News]

Why can just a few inches of snow bring England to its knees?

Narrow Roads
Most roads are narrow - slipping on a skinny two lane road does not provide much room to slide without hitting an obstacle.

Cars and Drivers
Many cars have rear-wheel drive, which causes cars to get stuck and slide easily. Few have snow tires; most are inexperienced drivers on snow and ice.

Road Pattern
[BBC News]
Many roads are set up in a spider-web pattern radiating from towns. If someone gets stuck and abandons his/her car on a two lane road, the street is impassible. Getting to your destination becomes a nightmare.

Hilly Terrain
There are lots of rolling hills and mild slopes - tricky when icy.

Lack of Equipment
Because it snows hard infrequently, the government doesn't invest much in snow removal equipment. They have been laying down 'grit' (salt or sand/dirt) but only on major roads. 'Grit' requires large, dry storage space, which is costly. No mag chloride here.

The train schedules have been disrupted, delayed, and cancelled because they are unable to stop on icy rails. There is talk of creating a line of rails that is heated. 

Interesting Tidbits
  • I don't expect to receive mail for a while - most letter carriers travel on bicycles
  • No 'refuse collection' yesterday 
  • My kids may be walking to school for miles in the snow (like my grandpappy) because my fuel gauge says 'E'!  The news reports that petrol trucks haven't been able to make their usual rounds.
  • My neighbor suggested everyone take a photo of their roof. If it is white with snow, your house has good insulation in the attic. If the snow has melted in spots, that will indicate where your home is leaking heat into the attic

[BBC News]

We are on to 'Snow Day' number two - the kids couldn't be happier!! Yesterday we played Boggle, read, cozied by the fire, drank chai, did a little Christmas e-shopping, and played in the snow. We will see what adventures we'll have today :)

Check out this very creative 'English Shopping Cart Snowplow'

[From a friend's Facebook Album]

Love it!

Happy Weekend to you!

XO Laura