Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

I have a new favorite iPhone app: TimeOut London (free). I was browsing through The Best of London: Readers Decide (here) and came across the restaurant Inamo.  I could hardly wait to taste their yummy Asian Fusion food and experience the interactive ordering system. They have two restaurants; we chose the Regent Street location.

Inside Inamo - St James

Below you are looking at our table which was WHITE. We played around with the 'virtual tablecloth design'. We looked at the menus (Mr J's hand is on the virtual mouse) and clicked on items we'd like to see a little closer. They magically appeared on our white plate as an image. No waiter appeared to take our order - we placed it virtually. A waiter brought the meal in a matter of minutes.

Menu & Image Of Food On Plate

Projectors Above Our Heads

 Kitchen Cam

Playing 'Battleship' Against Mr. J During Dinner

Inamo met all my expectations - good food and super-fun dining experience. And yes, the St James location would be a great place to take the kids :)

XO Laura