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Living on the edge like I do (and having a shortage of food due to being snowed in), I decided to take a culinary adventure in the cabinets last week. Throwing caution to the wind...

First stop - typical English snack of Baked Beans On Toast with cheese

Is this a leftover snack idea from the war ration days? It tasted like, well, toast with beans and cheese. I heard it is considered a comfort food here. Well, I did need to be comforted afterwards (just kidding). It was okay.

Next up - the mythical Marmite Yeast Extract

As recommended, I spread this on toast with a slathering of butter. It tasted NAAASTY. Very salty with an aftertaste of puke. Glad I tried it, and glad I made one point when I made a free-throw into the trash. SCORE! They advertise on their bottle that I also can buy their cereal bars. Really?

This one I discovered my first week at the grocery store. Colman's, you know I love you so. Although you are a smooth spicy mustard with a little zing, you haven't revealed your true ingredients.

My Ode To Colman's

Is that zip a bit of horseradish, my dear? 
You taste so good with brats and beer! 

(And don't be afraid to send me a freebie case for product placement) 

Colman's is lovingly nestled between
Wholegrain Mustard & French's Mustard (which is American, not French, silly)

Another thing I love here is curry. It is hard to describe just how popular it is. Curry tends to be a concept, rather than a strict recipe. It can be Indian food or a just a flavorful stew. Either way, so warming on a chilly night - of which there are many! 

Now I am a real sucker for clever packaging. And I think this box of a complete Indian meal is brilliant. Really delicious too. This is a far cry from the mid-century TV dinners with ''Salisbury Steak'' (notice the quotation marks) and a brick called a ''brownie''. Remember those?

It is disputed that the famous dish Tikka Masala originated in Soho, London - interestingly it has been called 'Britain's true national dish'. Britain exports Chicken Tikka Masala to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh!  Balti, a South Asian dish on most UK menus, was invented in Birmingham, England. I'm pretty sure an Indian restaurant can be found in every single town.  Lucky me :)

On the flip side, English blogger Toni from Pond Parleys wrote her opinion about the cinnamon obsession in America (here). I couldn't have agreed with her less, at first. But dear American readers, if you were to stock an empty kitchen, you would buy salt, pepper, followed by cinnamon. Right?


We Americans have cinnamon in our toothpaste, gum, barbecue sauce, breakfast foods, and anything combined with apples. In fact, I always use it to cover up the real flavor of most things I make. And cinnamon-sugar-toast is a breakfast staple in this house. Or at least it should be.

Maybe toast with Marmite would taste better covered in cinnamon? Nah.


XO Laura