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Yesterday our Christmas was quiet with just the four of us in the house. We had the typical excitement with Santa's goodies and presents from under the tree. A few gifts still wait at the post office because I was mistaken on the closing time on Christmas Eve. And other presents are still in transit due to the snow storms over the past few weeks. 

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But the truth was, it didn't matter. Fewer gifts made the kids less overwhelmed. They had time to play significantly with each new present and each other.

Christmas Eve my husband whipped up a gourmet meal (he's so good) while I made cookies with the kids for Santa. Since we've all come down with colds, we had popcorn for Christmas lunch and soup for Christmas dinner. We watched the movie 'The Santa Clause' as a family just before bed. It was a simple yet lovely day.


Today is Boxing Day in the UK, a secular holiday celebrated in many countries around the world (not in US). 

Historically employers gave bonuses and 'boxed up' leftover food to employees on this day. It was the time to give an 'Alms Box' to the poor.

It also has been the day for the Boxing Day Hunt. Fox hunting dates back to the 16th century in England. Controversially, fox hunting has been banned since 2004.

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Today for many, it is the busiest retail day filled with shopping and sales. Think 'Black Friday' in the US after Thanksgiving.

But to us it is another day of being together right here
(with snotty tissues in hand)

Happy Boxing Day!

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XO Laura